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As of June 20, 2019, this site will disappear from the internet.

Please re-configure any bookmarks/links-in you may have accordingly.

Professional Friends of Wine first went live online in June, 1999, and grew from a single HTML file to well over 200. The goal was to provide information without commercial spin, hype, or myth, to earthlings interested in knowing about the many aspects of wine. For nearly a decade, the Professional Friends of Wine web site also served as the main source text for Enology 45, the "Introduction to Sensory Evaluation" course at California State University Fresno.

Besides a few Amazon and Google ads and a couple or three pages sponsored by wineries, site maintenance and hosting was primarily supported by a tasting group that has since decided to no longer do so.

It took me a few months to learn enough basic HTML code to produce and expand the site. At this point, keeping up with the technology is no longer within my capacity. I considered moving the site to a plugin/template system such as WordPress, but learning this new form along with researching and keeping current of the myriad changes in wine production and new developments in sensory evaluation is, to borrow a lyric from George Harrison, "all too much for me to take".

In addition to loss of economic support, the high incidence of theft and plagiarism of content has been very defeating. It is finally time to throw in the towel/trackpad/keyboard. From this juncture forward, instead of writing about wine, I'll simply consume that wonderful stuff.

Thank you for visiting and Cheers.

Jim LaMar