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What's Going On Here?

We don't sell anything on his site; there's no "catch"; the very little bit of advertising which you may notice helps to pay for hosting and upkeep of the site. We simply think the planet will be mentally and physically healthier when more Earthlings enjoy a little wine every day.

This site began as two pages (HTML files) in 1998, and grew as a vehicle to share my knowledge and experience with wine consumers, to allow them a way build their confidence against wine snobbery, as well as counter the wine marketing juggernaut message working to convince consumers to pay more than they need to for good quality wine.

I began selling wine in a small retail shop on California's Central Coast in 1972, mainly to seek an answer as to why one brand of jug "Rhine" wine would taste different from another. Since then, I've worked at many levels of the wine trade (mostly wholesale) and continued to educate myself along the way by working many temporary and part-time jobs in vineyards, wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants, taking extension courses and classes, attending wine seminars and tastings, reading books and articles, and talking to grape growers and wine makers.

Professional Friends of Wine is not a BLOG, per se, in the traditional sense. Although 95% of the content is my personal creation, there is no regular schedule of posting. These days, new articles are few and far-between, although I try to update existing pages as I discover new information.

Infinite Variations of a Simple Pleasure

Wine is simply the fermented juice of fresh grapes, yet the variations may be infinite. Wine tasting is simple, pleasurable, fun, and can be stimulating to the mind as well as the senses, especially when pondering the diverse possibilities.

Wine flavors change according to the variety of grapes, location of the vineyard, seasonal weather conditions, grape growing methods, winemaking techniques and equipment, the age of the wine, storage conditions, the serving temperature, and even by the environmental conditions where and the context of how the wine is consumed.

Our information is directed at intelligent and meaningful understanding, hopefully presented with occasional humor and skepticism, but without commercial "spin" or arrogant pretense. Our goals are to share and spread wine appreciation while we put a cork in wine snobbery and expose dogma that is intended to promote wine sales rather than wine understanding.

Thanks for visiting and Cheers,
Jim LaMar, Editor

PS - Before browsing, you may want to read our Site Conventions and Mission Statement. - JL


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 Oxford Companion to Wine cover.If, after reading some of our articles, your interest in wine has peaked, shame on us for boring you and we hope you enjoy your Coca Cola. If, however, your interest is piqued, you might enjoy owning your own copy of our favorite wine reference book, the Oxford Companion to Wine, compiled and edited by Jancis Robinson.

(The link or book cover will take you to Amazon where several different editions of this reference are available. Any edition, even and older one, will help with understanding the complexities and variations of wine growing, processing, and consuming, along with cultural, geographical, and historical aspects.)

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"I'm a long-time wine consumer and collector and was looking for some information. Came across your site and couldn't stop reading it! Thanks for your enlightened and informative material. Keep up the good work!"
-- John (Dayton, Ohio)
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