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Wine 101 is a FREE OnLine Wine Education Course Includes: Dionysus vs Diogenes | Why Wine? | Wine & Health | Social History | Sensory User's Manual | Wine Growing | Wine Making | Varietal Profiles | Sparkling Wine Consumerism information on Bottle Shapes and Sizes, Reading Labels, Selecting and Buying Strategies, Recommendations for Corkscrews and Glassware, Serving Order and Temperature, Cellaring, etc. Taste includes the compiled Wine Tasting Notes from our monthly panel, Reports on public tasting events and a Food & Wine section with Pairing Suggestions and even some wine-friendly Recipes. Aftertaste includes one section we call "Wrath", serving our Opinions and Editorials, and another we titled "Bacchanalia", with our Reading List suggestions and pages of Links to additional wine information. About contains information on Site Conventions used, stories of the Group Formation & Website Genesis, Acclaim & Awards, Biographic Sketches of our Tasting Panelists and Contact & Sponsor information. Return to the starting point.

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Health and Wine
(NOTE & COMMENT: Many dead links were removed on latest update. Most formerly opened articles on sites associated with public and private health agencies, clinics, and organizations, but those pages now seem to have been taken down. Does this signal a revival of abolitionist censorship? Haven't we learned that access to information leads to maturity and literacy, while prohibition lead to law-breaking and immorality?)

Alcohol: Problems and Solutions


Eat Well, Drink Wisely, Live Longer is the title of this article from the November, 2001, online edition of the Wine Spectator, where Per-Henrik Mansson sums up current findings.

Evaluating the Evidence of Wine's Cardioprotection is the topic of this article by Creina Stockley of the Australian Wine Research Institute.

Situation and Outlook - People and Their Diet, a page on the University of Nebraska at Lincoln web site, is comprised of a series of sketches covering the general ethnicities, educational levels and typical diets of over 50 countries of the world. No particular conclusions are drawn or inferred; nevertheless, I find it fascinating.

Wine Chemical Composition site UC Davis Professor Andrew Waterhouse discusses sulfites.


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