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Wine 101 is a FREE OnLine Wine Education Course Includes: Dionysus vs Diogenes | Why Wine? | Wine & Health | Social History | Sensory User's Manual | Wine Growing | Wine Making | Varietal Profiles | Sparkling Wine Consumerism information on Bottle Shapes and Sizes, Reading Labels, Selecting and Buying Strategies, Recommendations for Corkscrews and Glassware, Serving Order and Temperature, Cellaring, etc. Taste includes the compiled Wine Tasting Notes from our monthly panel, Reports on public tasting events and a Food & Wine section with Pairing Suggestions and even some wine-friendly Recipes. Aftertaste includes one section we call "Wrath", serving our Opinions and Editorials, and another we titled "Bacchanalia", with our Reading List suggestions and pages of Links to additional wine information. About contains information on Site Conventions used, stories of the Group Formation & Website Genesis, Acclaim & Awards, Biographic Sketches of our Tasting Panelists and Contact & Sponsor information. Return to the starting point.

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Sadly, our latest check of links here found many formerly recommended sites to be taken over by "parked" domains or Link Farms that offer no orignial content; we removed them.

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Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Encyclowine is a new, evolving online user-contribution wine reference that's off to a fair start with very good interface and great navigation, but most definitions need some tweaking for it to be considered a serious reference source (I'll contribute when I can...).

Natural Products of Wine, created as a class project of Professor Andrew Waterhouse's students at the University of California at Davis; covers a wide range of chemical properties and considerations of wine, from effects on human health, to wine spoilage, to wine aging. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

"new". OIV, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, aspires to be the world scientific and technical reference organization on vine and wine. RECOMMENDED

Vines.Org is a fairly impressive-sized online data base with many categories of wine interest, including such unique listings as Aromas And Compounds Found In Wine and the Tree of Appellations. The encyclopedia is nicely cross-referenced although not comprehensive and parts of the site are badly in need of updating. RECOMMENDED

Wine Lexicon - part of Robin Garr's Wine Lovers Pages; easy to browse, it provides a handy color key, to tell immediately if the term is a grape (red), wine type (purple), region (blue) or tasting term (green); also features audible pronunciation links, in MP3 format. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Discussion & Opinion

Mark Squire's Wine Discussion Board, part of the Robert Parker site, has many interesting and timely exchanges, although sometimes tends to be clique-ish and egotistical in the tradition of one-ups-manship. RECOMMENDED

Wine Making Radio a 20-minute biweekly audio show produced by amateur winemakers offering interviews, technical tips and other information of value to both home winemakers and wine enthusiasts, available to download in several formats. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Wine Making Talk Wine making community discussion forum including topics regarding wine, winemaking, regions, vineyards, cellars, cooking, travel, etc. RECOMMENDED

Jancis Robinson is one of the top wine authorities in the world and a very prolific writer. This site promotes the many media forms of her published works.

West Coast Wine.Net began as a forum site, devoted to wine-related discussion themes (Tasting Notes, Values, Travel, etc). Editor Brad Harrington is now concentrating on his BLOG, which is more devoted to personal travels and food experiences, and less wine-centric. RECOMMENDED

Miscellaneous Reference

Discover California Wine is an excellent new site from the Wine Advisory Board. Fully searchable with sections devoted to grape varieties, wineries, AVA's, it is the place to go when planning a tour or asking questions such as "What wineries produce wine from the Barbera (or any other) variety?" HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

European Vitis Database ("English" button in upper right corner)

Sonoma County Wine Library

Wine Files is two databases of wine information containing citations to material in government publications, newspapers, and trade journals dealing with the business and technology of wine, wine making, grape growing, wine business, and wine history. Wine Files collects current information (1988-present). California Wine History Files (1849-1999) has over 30,000 entries, collected by historian Charles L. Sullivan. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Wine Literature of the World - part of The State Library of South Australia, this collection was begun in the early 1800s. Its online collection is broken down into several interesting subject areas, each with its own sponsor. Makes great browsing while sipping. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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