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Wine 101 is a FREE OnLine Wine Education Course Includes: Dionysus vs Diogenes | Why Wine? | Wine & Health | Social History | Sensory User's Manual | Wine Growing | Wine Making | Varietal Profiles | Sparkling Wine Consumerism information on Bottle Shapes and Sizes, Reading Labels, Selecting and Buying Strategies, Recommendations for Corkscrews and Glassware, Serving Order and Temperature, Cellaring, etc. Taste includes the compiled Wine Tasting Notes from our monthly panel, Reports on public tasting events and a Food & Wine section with Pairing Suggestions and even some wine-friendly Recipes. Aftertaste includes one section we call "Wrath", serving our Opinions and Editorials, and another we titled "Bacchanalia", with our Reading List suggestions and pages of Links to additional wine information. About contains information on Site Conventions used, stories of the Group Formation & Website Genesis, Acclaim & Awards, Biographic Sketches of our Tasting Panelists and Contact & Sponsor information. Return to the starting point.
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Tasting Notes & Wine Reviews*

Some links have notes; others we either have not had the time to fully assess or are merely offered at face value. Sites with Free access are preferred here (see also Critical Survey of Major Wine Review Publications).

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Tasting Notes & Wine Reviews

PfW HIGHLY RECOMMENDS A Critical Survey of Major Wine Review Publications by Steve Pitcher is a thoroughly researched and excellently-written article, with samples of covers, circulation and publication data, scope and quantity of reviews, explanations of tasting methods and scoring systems, analysis of writing quality and marketplace influence. Includes California Grapevine, Connoiseurs' Guide to California Wine, The Underground Wine Journal, The Wine Advocate, Wine & Spirits, Wine News and The Wine Spectator. (NOTE: Steve Pitcher's article disappeared from its original location online, so we tracked him down and obtained permission to re-publish it on our site.)

Andy's Scribblings is the sign-up site for his UK-based newsletter of wine reviews, offered by e-mail alternate weeks, and also a portal to UK Wines Online. Andy's very clever motto: "We spit so you can swallow."

PfW RECOMMENDS Beverage Testing Institute posts the results of their wine tasting reviews, along with related articles on this site. Tends to review wines that are widely available and from larger producers with somewhat established track records.

PfW RECOMMENDS Chris Kissack's Winedoctor diagnoses a variety of wines and prescribes therapy with recommendations and general information content on regions, glossary of terms, etc.; very well-written, well-designed and nicely laid-out site, although unapologetically Euro-centric.

time out hourglass. Damn Good Wine initially posted articles that were very chatty, in a youth-oriented writing style, sort of like a "wine rave." It now seems to be strictly a wine chat room without much traffic...

PfW RECOMMENDS Decanter recommends over 4,000 wines annnually online, although wines not available for sale in England rarely get reviewed. Their print magazine is one of the very best for in-depth wine articles.

eBacchus is a site that originally tendered "community tasting notes," but has become considerably more commercial

Fine Wine Diary Bailey brothers' pages are very clean, fast to load and search, and their palates are prolific (over 10,000 wines listed) and Eurocentric. The listings are compiled by venue, rather than wine and search results list only wine names (identifications are sometimes incomplete), taster's initials, date tasted and a "star" rating (up to four). The brief reviews are more judgmental than descriptive.


PfW RECOMMENDS Jancis Robinson offers both Free and subscription-only content on her site. Although I like Jancis' point of view and writing very much and often agree with her palate (she is much fairer with New World wines than many of her peers), the majority of the wines she reviews are European.

PfW RECOMMENDS Ken's Wine Guide offers many hundreds of wine reviews with a composite score (100 point scale) based on professional wine publications. Over half also include tasting notes and descriptions from Ken or his panel and many include notes from the winemaker. The site has appealing design, great organization, many navigational choices, and options to sort lists by price or by score.

PfW RECOMMENDS International Wine Review has been online since 2005, publishing regular articles and reviews covering appellations of the world. Most content is by subscription.

time out hourglass. Table Wine, written and edited by Roland Marandino, focuses on affordable wines from all areas of the globe, with one eye on quality and the other on value. Roland's articles always provide background information and education on the monthly themes with descriptive and informative tasting notes that often suggest pairings with specific foods.

time out hourglass. Wilder on Wine presents the tasting notes of a trio of wine enthusiasts from the (San Francisco?) Bay Area. Their self-proclaimed and applaudable mission is to "make wine less confusing than dating". Each wine gets a full-page treatment and a chosen few are awarded the distinction of "Splurge" or "Nectar of the Gods". There is a downloadable pdf "Pocket Wine Guide" and an opt-in form to get emailed reviews. Unfortunately, the site has no search engine and is not set up in database format, so visitors are left to browse the list of reviews, sorted-by-most-recent.

Wine Democracy this nicely-designed site allows anyone to sign up and post their personal wine reviews, which seem to range the gamut from thoughtful, useful, and descriptive, to self-indulgent, avaricious, and worthless.

PfW RECOMMENDS Wine Reviews Online is an assemblage of wine reviews and articles from ten separate U.S. wine journalists; updated every Wednesday.

PfW HIGHLY RECOMMENDS Yum Yuk is the "Wine Guide for the Rest of Us". The reviewers are "non-experts" with specific individual flavor preferences. Read their reviews. Take the Taste Interview to generate your own flavor profile.



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