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Worst Wine Site

Not all web sites have something good to offer, wine sites included. Some are poorly presented or maintained. Some attempt a casual, "anti-winesnob" approach that instead comes off as trivializing and flippant. Many oversimplify, contain misinformation and / or incomplete explanations. Some spin or slant information to their commercial advantage. A few are just plain wrong. Occasionally one site has so many of these problems and is so bad that it offends humanity in general. In spite of the Thumper Rule, offenders that sink to such a low level require exposure.

We will select one or more site(s) that represent the Worst and summarize the problems here. Rather than waste time ranting, we will simply list the site title(s) and URL(s) without linking, list each general problem and provide quotations that demonstrate these defects ...


SoYouWanna learn the basics of wine

Incomplete / Insulting / Juvenile / Rude / Wrong


"This stuff has fueled parties for thousands of years and has even given a doormat country like France a modicum of respectability..."


" should never chill your white wine by chucking it into the freezer - frost severely damages the alcohol balance and taste of wine..."

"...there are plenty of things to screw up, and the English have been botching it for years..."


"The grapes are crushed with or without the skins..."

"...nasty bits are removed from the juice and a disinfectant is used to neutralize any contaminants..."

" vineyards will shove the stuff in a steel vat..."


"...if the wine touches metal when you are pouring the liquid, the combination can oxidize your precious fluid..."

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