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An Important New Lobby for Wine Consumers

American Wine Consumers Coalition logo.The patchwork of laws and regulations covering wine sales in the USA denies consumers equal access, depending upon the state of residence.

By the right of Big Money, special interests have exclusively been able to fashion wine laws and regulations that dismiss or ignore the needs and desires of the consumer.

For nearly a century, from Repeal until now, Congress and state legislatures have only heard the concerns and viewpoints of prohibitionists, wholesalers, producers, and distributors.

The American Wine Consumer Coalition is now advocating to protect wine consumer rights and open new avenues of access to wines, beers and spirits, especially those produced by fellow Americans.

Please visit the comprehensive AWCC site, browse the Manifesto, the Advocacy Issues, and Join to indicate your support of this organization and gain special member benefits.

Infinite Variations of a Simple Pleasure

Wine is simply the fermented juice of fresh grapes, yet the variations may be infinite. Wine tasting is simple, pleasurable, fun, and can be stimulating to the mind as well as the senses, especially when pondering the diverse possibilities.

Wine flavors change according to the variety of grapes, location of the vineyard, seasonal weather conditions, grape growing methods, winemaking techniques and equipment, the age of the wine, storage conditions, the serving temperature, and even by the environmental conditions where and the context of how the wine is consumed.

Our information is directed at intelligent and meaningful understanding, hopefully presented with occasional humor and skepticism, but without commercial "spin" or arrogant pretense. Our goals are to share and spread wine appreciation while we put a cork in wine snobbery and expose dogma that is intended to promote wine sales rather than wine understanding.

We don't sell anything on his site; there's no "catch"; the very little bit of advertising you may notice helps to pay for the upkeep of the site. We simply think the planet will be healthier when more Earthlings enjoy a little wine every day.

Thanks for visiting and Cheers,
Jim LaMar, Editor

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 Oxford Companion to Wine cover.If, after reading some of our articles, your interest in wine has peaked, shame on us for boring you and we hope you enjoy your Coca Cola. If, however, your interest is piqued, you might enjoy owning your own copy of our favorite wine reference book, the Oxford Companion to Wine, compiled and edited by Jancis Robinson.

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"I'm a long-time wine consumer and collector and was looking for some information. Came across your site and couldn't stop reading it! Thanks for your enlightened and informative material. Keep up the good work!"
-- John (Dayton, Ohio)
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