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Professional Friends of Wine is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting public appreciation of wine. Although we also promote and appreciate our sponsors, we have no obligation to any commercial enterprise other than to rent them space.

This site does not use "cookies"; however, users should keep in mind before clicking on advertisements that we do not control the policies of advertisers. (To consider the implications of this and other internet privacy phenomena, please visit

Professional Friends of Wine, our agents, or assignees do not collect, sell, rent, trade, divulge, give out or otherwise make available any names or e-mail addresses of any reponders. Required fields on some forms are the minimum amount of information needed for the one-time purpose of notification or response.

We do have some pop-up windows on the site. All are explanatory to some word or concept within the context of the page being visited; if you have disabled Javascript or Pop-Up Windows on your browser, you will have a limited experience here. If this is a problem, you can always eMail me...

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