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August 9, 1999 • Bailey-Cannon Wine Merchants

An overall nice group of wines with a good deal of variation in style. The winner surprised everyone and definitely earned "BEST BUY" honors, along with favored wine status. Grilled trout, Fontina and Irish Dubliner cheeses and ripe nectarines all were good accompaniments to bring out the best in the wines.

Varietal or "Name"
Vintage Appellation -$Price
Consensus Tasting Notes

Bonny Doon
"Pacific Rim Riesling"
1998 American -$7.25

Attractive, intense, clean, racy, sweet, floral (jasmine) aroma with suggestions of apple, peach, apricot and tropical fruit; similar flavors almost suggest muscat; great balance, crisp, green apple-like tartness; long finish.

Very Highly Recommended

Bonny Doon
"Critique of Pure Riesling"
(nv) American -$18.

Delicate floral and apple aroma with fennel and botanical (honeysuckle) complexities and some initial fusel or mineral; big honey, mango and citrus (lemon) flavors; creamy texture; tart acidity, finishes slightly hard.

Very Highly Recommended

1997 Napa Valley -$11.

Very pale; petrol, fusel, terpene, filter pad and mineral elements dominate apple, peach and lemon fruit aroma; clean fruit flavor of apple sauce, pineapple and minerals; rich, slightly oily texture; quite dry, long.

Highly Recommended

Paraiso Springs
1997 Monterey -$10.

Faint diesel or fusel, flint and filter pad over floral (geranium, woodruff) and apricot aroma with a faint spiciness; slightly sweet, honeyed apple and apricot flavors; controversy over finish; sweetest wine of group.

Highly Recommended

Claiborne & Churchill
Dry Riesling "Alsatian Style"
1997 Central Coast -$11.

Faint mineral-petrol-terpene with musty-mushroomy, nutty-almond, possible Botrytis over ripe apricot fruit aromas; ripe melon, peach and apricot flavors; quite rich, viscous, creamy mouthfeel; good balance, finish.

Highly Recommended

1997 Rheinpfalz -$11.

Subtle floral and green apple aroma with hints of flint, minerals and wet straw; subdued, but complex honey, Granny Smith apple and lime flavors; very dry and quite tart, almost sour, needs food accompaniment.


Domaines Weinbach
"Cuvée Theo" Riesling
1996 Alsace -$28.

Deep yellow color; ripe (overripe?) apricot fruit with oak, butterscotch and musty elements in the aroma; mineral, lemon, ripe fig and cooked or processed apple (oxidized?) flavors; dry and tart; long finish.


1995 Alsace -$28.

Very light muted floral (woodruff) and nectarine aroma with hints of slate, minerals and Botrytis; very light and seemingly underripe flavors; thin body; tart, austere, almost aspirin-like finish; especially surprising for its age. Needs food to accompany.

(with reservations)

This panel included Mark, Deanna, Glenn, Diana, Marlene, Jon, Ray, Jim, Ron, and Greg.
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